Day 31


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Day 30


Day 29

365:1.29's cold outside--really cold!

Day 28

even tasty as leftovers

Day 26

coffee delivery! (5 boxes)

Day 25

January 25
*This glorious day felt like SPRING!*

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Day 24

January 24
*Although this COULD be anyday & everyday*

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Day 23

January 23
*Being a classroom teacher=PILES PILES EVERYWHERE*

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Day 22

January 22
*Chocolate was a MUST for THAT day. I love Kindergarten, but it is HARD to just jump in and go with challenging kiddos*

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Day 21

January 21
"Food, fellowship, and a fireplace...ohh small group"

Day 20

January 20
*The end of the ice cream is sad for me...but exciting for the pups*

Day 19

January 19
*I always find these papers annoying to fill in because I have difficulty fitting each subject's accomplishments in that box.*

Day 17

**We had a pizza party for some of the kiddos in our church. 5 lg pizzas later, 2 batches of brownies, a lg. bag of chips, and lots of drinks later...this is all that was left!** 
..I love throwing parties..

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Day 15

..our 'watchdogs'..

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Day 14

..big sister & little brother resting peacefully..

Day 13


Sadly, this is not my picture. It is from Food Network. 
BUT this is what I made tonight for dinner.

Day 12

Happy Birthday Momma!

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Day 11


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Day 10

I discovered Kindle for iPhone & FREE books

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Day 9

*My first attempt at making a white pizza...yum!*

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Day 8


Day 7


An aunt + a niece + an iphone=lots of pictures, giggles, laughs, and FUN

Day 6

My husband is a phys. ed teacher (aka gym teacher). Tough job I know, but someone has to do it. I however sometimes end up with task of repairing things that have fallen victim to the 6 year olds. That was today.


It did give me a reason and a push to organize my sewing kit!

Day 5

Day 5

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My brother in law said to me last night..."You must like ice cream."
I wonder what gave it away. The fact that I've eaten ice cream every night since I found out it was in the that can't be it ;). Maybe it is that every time he sees me in the kitchen I'm getting ice cream?, no that couldn't be it either.

hmm. Maybe I'm just kidding myself, because clearly it is BOTH of those reasons. But it's true. I'm guilty. This girl has a soft spot/sweet tooth for vanilla ice cream. [with chocolate AND caramel syrup on top--and whip cream if available.] Just hold the cherries please.

Day 4

I have a hunch that you may be seeing lots of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea related pictures in the days, uhh, months? ahead.


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Day 3

By far the best addition to our little apartment this Christmas. Our new Keurig machine has taken the place of the cheap-o Mr. Coffee. No more filters, no more cleaning. Just single serve cups of hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in about 1 minute. LOVE.IT! enough said.



Day 2

[2 pictures-I discoverd a cool trick with my iphone...atleast I think it's cool]


Day 1

I've been waiting to start this since September. Ironically I almost forgot about it. I realize now that I could have VERY easily started it then, but I thought it would be better started off with the first day of the year rather than a random fall day.

What is Project 365? Essentially you take 1 picture everyday to document your year. How cool is that? Of course maybe it's just interesting to someone like me. I'm sure some pictures will be immensely better than others, while some will be quite boring and mundane. So be it. You [if you continue to read & follow] will get to see not only my project as it unfolds, but I will still continue to be blogging daily [hopefully]

So here it is. 365-Day 1


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